Wall Removal - Interior

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Instead of moving to a home with a better floor plan, consider how removing some walls will let you stay in the home you have.

We will "Take That Wall Down" to open up your floor plan and give your home a whole new look.

Wall removals include;

  • plans and permits
  • on-site dumpster
  • tarping and plastic to control debris and dust
  • build temporary walls to support the ceilings/floors during the wall removal
  • removal of existing drywall, plaster, paneling or other wall coverings on both sides of the wall
  • install headers and/or beams to support the ceilings or floors above
  • install blocking and supports underneath the bearing points
  • fill in the floor flush where the walls were removed
  • analyze the re-routing needs of the wiring, plumbing, and/or heat ducts that are discovered during the wall removals and offer pricing to re-route them if desired
  • options include drywall work, moldings and painting
  • clean up and haul away all debris